What is Reiki? 


Reiki is a form of energetic healing. 

Reiki - REI which means “Universal Life” and KI which means “Energy”

During a Distant Reiki Session, healing energy is sent to the client with the intention of healing and balancing the energetic body.

Reiki energy can transcend time and space. This means that healing energy can easily be transmitted anywhere, giving you both the comfort and accessibility of a Distant Reiki Session.

During a Reiki session, I work with the main energetic points in the body known as chakras. Beacause Reiki can only be used for the higest good of the person receiving it, it helps to promote self-healing, balances the energies and increase the flow of energy throughout the body.


What is A Session Like?


Reiki sessions are 45 Minutes long of focused energy work and are done either in person or via distance. 

During a session, I go though each of your 7 chakras, sending healing universal energy to each. While doing so, I also interpret the energetic condition, state, and flow of your chakras. 

After the session, I give you feedback about your session including chakra analysis and the insights that I received that pertain to your energetic field. I also go over what I feel is holding you back from growing spiritually and what it is that you need in order to move forward.   


How much is a session?


First Time Client - Distant Session: $75.00 

First Time Client - In Person Session: $85.00

One Time - Distant Session: $105

One Time - In Person Session: $115

Package of Three Reiki Sessions: $285.00 (Save $30)

Package of Five Reiki Sessions: $475.00 (Save $50)




How Do I book A Session? 



1. Submit Payment

Payments are accepted through Paypal by clicking the link below. 



2. Schedule Your Appointment

Appointments are available Monday-Friday, 9AM - 2PM PST. If you are having trouble finding a time slot that works for you, please email me at hello@sarahkreuz.co and we will find a time that works perfectly for you.



3. Check your email! 

Please check the email you entered will scheduling your appointment above. You will be getting an confirmation email reminding you of the time of your appointment. 

You will get a second email between 12-24 hours with a short questionnaire that you will need to complete before you session. There are 5 short questions that will help me better help you during our session.

Thank you for allowing me to perform your energy healing work and I look forward to working with you!