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Writing Prompts for SELF-DISCOVERY

Tap into the power of journaling with this series of prompts for personal growth and awareness. 

While the journey of self-discovery is imperative, sometimes we need a little direction as to which path to take.

These prompts where created with the intention of helping your gain clarity, insight, and understanding into the person that you are. 

Being shedding away the layers of who you think you are and being discovering who you truly are.

In this prompt series, you dive into the topics of: 

  • How aware you are of your emotions/thoughts
  • How connected you feel to yourself as a whole
  • Where feelings of disconnect may arise from
  • How feeling disconnected from yourself is affecting you today
  • Where feelings of separation may have been rooted from

These prompts are not for the lighthearted. They dive straight towards the core of who you are and how you came to be. 

They are created for those willing and ready to be completely honest with themselves as they uncover the deepest layers of the self.

Ready to uncover the layers that have been holding you back from being the person you were meant to be? 

Download your intensive prompts and being your journey of self-discovery.


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