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Episode 39: How to Accept Yourself


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& Remember, Self-Acceptance is Part of the Healing Journey


Through this process of self-discovery and personal growth, there is the ever underlying theme of change, of moving forward, and of bridging the gap between where we are and where we want to be. 

But though that process, we can fail to see the very thing that we need in order to grow. And while it may seem contradictory, it is the idea of self-acceptance. Accepting where you are and who you are is imperative because without doing so, we are constantly in a state of resistance against ourselves. 

We get too fixated on the person that we are trying to become and how we are trying to get there without taking the time to look around us, find contentment in the moment, and just be still. 

We run from ourselves because we don’t want to face the person that we are fully and completely.  And by doing so, we end up pushing ourselves away with the justification that we changing for the better.  

If we are always trying to be anywhere than where we are at, then realistically, where is it that we are trying to get to? Why are we trying to get a place just so that we can be unsatisfied once again when we get there? 

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It's almost as though we feel that because of our shear humanness, we are somehow inherently flawed. Like who we are deep down is somehow unworthy and should not be exposed, let alone accepted or loved 

We know that self-love and acceptance is the direction that we want to go, but how do we move towards the parts of ourselves that we have deemed unacceptable? 

The process of accepting ourselves isn’t easy, since it the the very thing that we have learned not to do. 

It may take time, yes, but more importantly it takes love and compassion. 

It begins not just by beginning to see the parts of yourself that you have denied, but also when you being to see the ways that you have hurt yourself. Because if we are constantly aways fighting against who we are, that is a loosing and damaging battle.

And after so many years and so many times of suffering because we are resisting ourselves, why not approach the situation in a different way?

Why not approach ourselves will love, kindness and acceptance, since those are the very things that we have been denying ourselves this whole time.

I hope you enjoy this episode and remember to throughout this journey, to approach yourself with patience and understanding. You deserve the healing and acceptance that you seek. 

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