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Art of the Unknown is a podcast that helps you explore the content of your soul. Each episode dives into aspect of the self in order to bring awareness, healing and clarity. Join host Sarah Kreuz as she documents her journey and finds beauty in the places unseen.

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Art of the Unknown Podcast

Traveling inwards, outwards, & onwards.


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Art of the Unknown is a podcast that travels inwards in an attempt to understand and heal the parts of ourselves that we have been denying. Healing is a journey, one that we must take for ourselves and by ourselves. When we choose to embrace the parts of ourselves we find that the things that we have been running from are not so scary. There is beauty to be found in the parts unknown, and this podcast is a journey of just that. Hosted by Sarah Kreuz, this podcast heads straight towards the unknown and finds beauty in the places that are unseen.

Art of the unknown podcast
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Sarah Kreuz believes that everything we are looking for is within usShe creates content, products and courses that help others along their spiritual journey to heal and create their inner & outer worlds