Get in Touch with Your Spiritual & Energetic Body


Understanding and nurturing our spiritual & energetic body is imperative on our journey forward. Get the clarity and guidance you need to help you not only understand where you are at spiritually, but also how you can begin moving forward from there.

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Hi I’m Sarah Kreuz. Reiki Practitioner & Spiritual Coach


Intuitive Readings & Energy Healing


Soul Purpose Reading (Video Call)

Curious about the state of your energy, what your soul is trying to express, or where your energetic blocks are?

Gain insight and clarity into the your soul’s purpose and and your energetic body with an Intuitive Reading Session.

What you will learn:

- How you can manifest your purpose & potential

-What Soul and life lessons you are here to learn

-Where you are energetically stuck

-What your next steps are on your soul’s journey

Session Details: 

- All Sessions are done via Zoom Video Call

- Sessions are One Hour in Length

- Price: $259 USD

Energy Healing (In-Home or Remote)

Are you taking care of your energetic body or do you go through life not caring for yourself on a spiritual and energetic level?

Reiki is a powerful way to heal your energy & restore balance back to your spirit. 


-Removes / clears Stagnant Energy 

-Brings balance to your Chakras

- Improves overall wellbeing and Energetic Healing

- Reduces stress


-In-Home session are only available in Orange County, California and Remote Sessions are worldwide.

-Sessions are One Hour in Length

- Price: $189 USD

How to Book Your Session:

Please select your appointment type, payment method and appointment time.

Afterwards, check Your Email! 


You will receive two emails regarding your booking:

1. You will receive an immediate confirmation of your booking. 

2. You will also receive an email with your specific session details and FAQs. Please allow 12-24 hours to receive your second email. 

Thank you for allowing me to perform your energy work & reading.

 I look forward to working with you!


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It was my first time and I have never felt what I felt during the session with Sarah. It was over a long distance as I'm in Germany. Sarah had perfect insights for me and I got answers to questions I did not even knew I had. 

-  Janet A., Germany

Sarah delivered beyond my expectations. She was delightful, warm and friendly. Her input was insightful and very helpful for me. Thank you, Sarah!

- Felicity Hamilton, Texas/USA