Top 5 Reasons to Journal Daily

Feeling disconnected, stressed, or generally overwhelmed? Journaling might be exactly what you are looking for. 

top 5 reasons to journal daily

Throughout history, numerous well-known and influential people have kept journals of their lives. Generally, keeping a journal has two distinct advantages: to have a permanent record of events and activities for the future generations, and allowing the people writing them to express their feelings. If you think that you are not interested in both these purposes, keeping a journal has a number of other great advantages as well and getting started with some journal prompts for adults can help you get started.

Here is a list of things to give you a reason that will tempt you to sit down regularly to write down your thoughts in a journal. These are the key reasons why you should start journaling today and begin reaping the benefits that so many others have already discovered. 



Writing holds great power and effect. It holds the power to allow you to capture your thoughts through writing them down, which enables you to think deeper into the topic that you find to be important. When you have a problem and you decide to put it on paper and start to think about a solution for it, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve. We usually do this all in our head, but writing down the problem makes it much easier to think through and find a solution. Using journal prompts for created specifically for the purpose of self-discovery and inquiry adults is a great way to open your mind up and see the parts of yourself that often go unnoticed.

Tracks Your Personal Growth

A Journal helps us in keeping a permanent collection of all the progress we’ve made throughout our life.  Even some of the most memorable events and successes can be easily forgotten but journaling provides you with a writing documentation of how your thoughts and feelings have changed over time. As in any pursuit, there are times in which we feel like we have failed to accomplish anything notable in our life even after all the efforts, investments and hard work. During those moments when you are not satisfied with your life’s progress, it proves very helpful to recall and be reminded of our past successes. This allows you see that you are constantly growing and changing, even if it may not feel like it.

Evokes Mindfulness

Happiness and mindfulness are two things which have a strong and lasting connection. To achieve the state of mindfulness Journaling is one of the simplest methods. Thinking about the present, reminiscing on past memories and worrying about the future, our insecurities and worries can easily overcome us. Journaling will call your wandering mind to attention to help relieve you of your past frustrations and future anxieties.  

Achieve Personal, Spiritual and Professional Goals

The idea of how Journaling helps you to achieve your aims, fulfill your dreams and grasp your ambitions is somewhat amazing, these words you scribble on your journal will be of utter help to achieve your goals and understandably fanciful. When you write down your goals and thoughts in your journal gives your brain the signal that “this what I’m writing is important”. Writing in your journal can be thought of as blueprints for your future on which it will be built. 

Does Wonders for Your Health

Writing can be wonderfully beneficial for your health. Writing doesn’t keep your creativity alive and growing but regular writing can also provide you with a safe, way to relieve yourself from the stresses of your daily life. Some of the benefits and advantages that writing has on our mental health and emotions have been also discussed before, from the angle of creative writing—it is not important to write fiction to keep your creativity alive, you can write about your life, write down your goals and thoughts, all this will have a positive impact on your life and self-esteem. 


Now lets get started! Download your set of journal prompts intended for serious self-discovery and personal growth below. 


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Writing Prompts for SELF-DISCOVERY

Tap into the power of journaling with this series of prompts for personal growth and awareness. 

While the journey of self-discovery is imperative, sometimes we need a little direction as to which path to take.

These prompts where created with the intention of helping your gain clarity, insight, and understanding into the person that you are. 

Being shedding away the layers of who you think you are and being discovering who you truly are.

In this prompt series, you dive into the topics of: 

  • How aware you are of your emotions/thoughts
  • How connected you feel to yourself as a whole
  • Where feelings of disconnect may arise from
  • How feeling disconnected from yourself is affecting you today
  • Where feelings of separation may have been rooted from

These prompts are not for the lighthearted. They dive straight towards the core of who you are and how you came to be. 

They are created for those willing and ready to be completely honest with themselves as they uncover the deepest layers of the self.

Ready to uncover the layers that have been holding you back from being the person you were meant to be? 

Download your intensive prompts and being your journey of self-discovery.


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