The Hero's Journey: The Path Back to Wholeness

Healing is a process, a journey that we must take for ourselves and by ourselves.

The path to wholeness has no shortcuts or backroads.

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The path to healing isn't marked on a map and we may not even recognize it when we are on it. Instead, it is the path that we intuitively know we must go down only because it is the one we hesitate to take. It is the one paved with the pieces of ourselves that hold the truths about who we are that even we fear to face.


Even though this path is the necessary route, it may be difficult at first to find because it is the one we have been discouraged to go down. Not because of what is on it, but because we believed that the journey it holds was not possible.


That wholeness and acceptance of who we are in its entirety was somehow not meant for us.


Or that we are somehow not worthy.


We put off our own healing because at one point we were convinced that we are shattered and therefore that is how we must stay. But we must be willing to touch the parts of ourselves that are in pain in order to gently and patiently put them back to where they belong.


As we being to touch those depths of our souls that we have long avoided and ignored, we open ourselves up to the love and light that we thought was always reserved for someone else. But only by going through the dark can we being to see and appreciate the light within that was there all along.


Only by being honest about our pain can we being to welcome the love and healing that was always available to us. While the path may seem dark, remember that you alone hold the light.


No matter where your journey leads you, remember to go slow and take all the time that you need. & more importantly, accept whatever it is that comes your way.


Because within the core of your being lies your purpose and your fate in a union so beautiful that, once there, it will finally feel like home.


Ready to dive deep into your healing journey?



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Sarah Kreuz

Sarah Kreuz believes that everything we are looking for is within usShe creates content, products and courses that help others along their spiritual journey to heal and create their inner world