Why the Unknown is Working With You (Not Against You)

The unknown is not something to be fear, but instead it is something to be embraced because it is ultimately working in your favor.

why the unknown is working with you


Stepping into the unknown means giving up the control you think you have.


It means letting go of the way that you think things should be in order to fully embrace the beauty of how things actually are. Its allowing new experiences and new ways of being into your life with curiosity instead of resistance. Its recognizing that regardless of where you are or where you are going, you are exactly where you need to be.


We resist the unknown because we think by doing so, we will lose our sense of safety and security. We fear that if we open ourselves up too much, that we will being to loose our autonomy and our grasp of who we think we are. And we confuse vulnerability for weakness, when if fact it is the very act of being vulnerable that makes us strong.


Being in the unknown allows you not just be vulnerable with yourself, but also the world around you.


It forces you to open up a new layer of yourself and to allow that part not just to been seen by the world, but also molded. It exposes a very unique part of your core, a depth that is seldom seen or touched, both by yourself and others.


But once you being to integrating this uncharted aspects of yourself, you find that your power lies in allowing whatever it is to come and not by pushing it away. You find the unknown supports you and works with you, and that it is something to be embraced rather than feared.


So for today, I hope that you embrace the unknown that is within you, around you and beside you.


And know that the unknown that is always working for you, and never against you.


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