Why Feeling Lost Is Exactly Where You Need to Be

Being lost means being at home, it's where our edges meet our depths

Only once we have surrendered to the unknown can we begin to abandon the aspects of ourselves that we truly wish to discover. 

why feeling lost is where you need to be

Once there, does the identity that we thought we had become completely dissolved. We lose everything, including ourselves, and everything we thought we knew.


Diving into the unknown means holding onto absolutely nothing; letting go of how you thought things were or could be in exchange for the authentic experience of how things are. 


To be lost is to be completely detached while at the same time engulfed by the unfamiliar. 


The beauty about being lost is that you discover parts of you that you did not know existed by leaving behind everything you thought you knew.


The unknown is the birthplace of creativity and change. It is where the undiscovered emerges and becomes found.


This greater understanding of the world and ourselves comes from recognizing we know nothing at all and letting go of how we thought it should be.


Feel lost during your journey? Start finding clarity today.



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