Why You MUST Let Go of Blame to Be Happy

In order to move forward and move on, we must fully and completely dissipate our ties to the past. 

Why you must let go of blame to be happy

We often unconsciously hold onto to the past by holding onto blame. 


We blame ourselves. We blame others. & we blame anything and everything we can get our hands on to justify the pain and resentment we are harboring.


But when we hold onto blame, we do just that: hold on. 


Moving forward and moving on means releasing any and all ties to the past, even the stories in our about why it happened and how it affects us. 


Blame becomes unnecessary when you realize that the thing you are holding onto is, in fact, doing more harm than good.  Letting go is not a one time process, but instead a lifelong practice. 


As we being to gracefully let go of the stories, situations, and people of our pasts, we make room for the love and healing that exists around us to take its place. 


We all struggle with releasing blame, and sometimes the hardest form of blame to let go of is the blame that we have towards ourselves. 


But once there, we see that as we take responsibility for our lives and the things we hold onto, we can begin seeing that there are no justified resentments necessary on our path to healing. 


Healing beings as we let go of what is no longer ours to keep and welcome in everything else that is waiting for us.


On a healing Journey of your own? 



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Sarah Kreuz

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