Why You are Still Suffering and How To Begin Healing

Remember, it is not about avoiding the darkness but instead learning how to love, nurture and accept yourself while you are there.

How to Approach Your Suffering

The art of surrendering is difficult, especially when you are confronted with the very thing that you have been avoiding. But as with anything, approaching the parts of yourself that often go unseen and unloved takes practice, patience, and especially compassion.


As we slowly but surely begin to make space for the love and safety that exists within us, we simultaneously begin to see that the way to healing is not through the avoidance of suffering, but rather through the complete and utter union with it.


The places within that we avoid touching or fear others seeing can be found by allowing what is already there to be while at the same time welcoming in the possibility that love can and does still exist around it.


To love yourself is to love both the complexity and the simplicity of your experience while being engulfed in the moment without forgetting that it is still impermanent in nature.


The darkness doesn’t leave by pushing it away but instead becomes less dark when you experience the perfect union that suffering, love and healing can create.


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Sarah Kreuz

Sarah Kreuz believes that everything we are looking for is within usShe creates content, products and courses that help others along their spiritual journey to heal and create their inner world