Spirituality is a process of inner awareness and self discovery.

By diver deeper into our inner world, we are able to gain clarity and insight about our true selves and true propose.

The only path towards inner peace and awareness is the one you take inwardly. 


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Your 30 Day guide to deeper understanding and inner awareness. 

Which path are you ready to explore?




Feeling disconnected from ourselves and our emotions is nothing new. We are taught and encouraged to numb our emotions and ultimately ourselves. In this collection you will gain awareness of the parts of you that you have disconnected from. Living fully and completely begins when we embrace all aspects of the self, even the parts that we have been avoiding.


These days, it seems as though the emphasis on self love is strong, but what are we suppose to do if we don't in fact love ourselves? In this collection, dive down the rabbit hole of self love. Discover the blocks that are preventing you from loving yourself fully and completely. Bring awareness to the parts of yourself that you have rejected. Self love is the foundation, and awareness is the tool necessary to get there. 


We all experience anxiety time and again, but have you ever gone towards your anxiety in a effort to understand?  In this collection, journey within yourself to discover some fundamental key aspects in order to understand yourself and your anxiety. Anxiety is a sign, it is an indicator that there is more to be explored than what's on the surface. Only by fully understanding yourself can you understand your anxiety. 

The Self Discovery Collection: 

A 30 Day Awareness-Map to help you understand and navigate your inner world.

Each map contains a combination of awareness provoking prompts and strategically placed practices to guide you in your journey inwards.

The goal? Awareness through understanding and practice through intention.

Self discovery is an ever evolving journey and sometimes we need directions pointing us where go to go next. This is the roadmap for inner awareness that you have been waiting for. 

The only question is: are you ready to travel deeper? 

Your journey awaits.


Meet Your Guide

Sarah Kreuz is a traveler, podcaster, and spiritutal wanderer.  

Her journey of self discovery has taken her through 32 countries by allowing herself to be pulled in whatever direction is calling her name.

As host of the podcast, Art of the Unknown, she documents her journey both inwards and outwards. 

Sarah holds a B.A. in Philosophy from University of California, Santa Barbara and is currently living nomadically.

She believes that spirituality is a process of self awareness and her mission is to provide you with the tools to assist you on your journey.